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Help me with finding curiosities!

Does anyone know any curiosities that I can put in the Palace of Curio ? By “curiosities”, I mean like any strange trinkets that has some magical or occult properties or was intended for magical or occult usage. Or magical creatures, or just things from history that was used for odd things. It can range from mermaids, to fairy circles, to victorian tear bottles, to silver bullets, to anything that is strange and “curious” (I guess it doesn’t really HAVE to be magic).

I’m almost to the pages where I draw the inside of the palace. It’s supposed to be HOARDED with weird trinkets and creatures. I want each thing I draw to be really strange and interesting, but I just don’t know enough of them :-( So help?

posted by maikn @ July 25th, 2011, 10:02 pm  -  19 comments

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